4 Reasons Why You Should NOT Use a Retractable Dog Leash

4 Reasons Why You Should NOT Use a Retractable Dog Leash

In today's modern world retraceable leashes seem to be very popular amongst dog owners wanting to give their pup an extra 30 feet of freedom for sniffing around and covering more grass territory.

But have you ever considered the dangers when using a retraceable leash?
Here are a few things you should know before taking your next walk.



1. Communication problem

Retractable leash allows your dog to get far away from you pretty quick. The walking experience between a pet and it's owner is just like a parent and a child relationship. You would normally not allow your child to get far away from you and would set clear boundaries and rules. So why not with your dog?

If your dog is walking in front of you - you are not sharing the same walking experience. Your dog feels off the leash and in charge, meaning you might have troubles getting him or she to listen when encountering a certain situation that requires your attention. Nowadays, while most people are multitasking while walking their dog, texting their phones or drinking a cup of Matcha, a retraceable leash is one more communication barrier between you, your dog and the surroundings. When your dog is walking closer to you, they feel much more relaxed and balanced, which turns a regular walk into a great walk both dog and owner are satisfied with :)

2. Lack of control

Walking with a retraceable leash, means you will have less control over things that might happen even on a regular walk, such as your dog running to the middle of the road accidentally getting hit by a car or a cyclist, uninvited contact with aggressive dogs which can escalate into a dog fight, or even scaring other dogs by surprising them when coming around the corner.

Your dog might also jump on people or small kids that are uninterested in a dog encounter. It is also harder to pay attention weather your dog picks up things from the ground that they shouldn't be eating. 

3. Risk of injuries

Those thin ropes used in the extendable leashes can cause some serious accidents. When the leash is extended it can easily get tangled in things such as trees or bins and even around people who can get badly hurt or knocked over. Retractable leashes can also wrap around a dog’s leg and cause some severe injuries, especially if the dog is tiny or gets stressed making it harder for the dog owner to release the rope. 

Added to that, most retraceable leashes have a warning on the package for you to take caution with your fingers (yikes)! This is due to several accidents in which dog owners had the rope wrapped around their fingers while the dog was pulling the leash, which have caused serious rope burns and deep gashes. Going through a quick Google images search for “retractable leash injuries” you will see some nasty results.



 4. Mechanical issues

Retraceable leashes malfunction easily. The lock on the leash can fail, causing it impossible to pull the rope back and bring your dog closer to you when needed. Your finger can also slip and accidentally release the lock when you didn't mean to, causing your dog to run farther than you night allow them to.

When buying a high quality traditional leash, all you have is a hook, rope and a handle which makes things much more simple and faster when needed to act quickly.


If you have a retraceable leash, be extra careful and mindful when using it. You should always pay attention to your dog and the environment while walking together. Remember that no matter how smart your dog is, he or she can get easily distracted and it is your job to keep them safe.

Share what you think about using retraceable leashes in the comments below > 


Tail Trip

Showed this post to one of my Flexi fams friends.. hope it makes them consider using a different lead

Mariana – Ny

Tail Trip

I only use mine when walking Snuggles at the beach
Can’t imagine using it on the streets, such a clumsy leash.

Tail Trip

Useful information, thank you

Tail Trip

I remember first time I was aware of the issue, replaced my flexi right away.
Love your products guys, I got a leopard set and it is amazing :) Thanks!
Molly. London

Tail Trip

Oh I saw some awful images of injuries done by these leashes..was pretty shocked

Tail Trip

Couldn’t agree more. Flexi leads could be very dangerous. I replaced mine for a regular lead a few month ago. I still use it sometimes when taking a walk at the field where there are no cars people or dogs, I think when using it on a urban environment you should be extremely aware of whats going on.

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